Herbs for Weight Loss: Things You Need to Know

Losing weight is not very easy. It takes determination to achieve the weight that you desire. It is always recommended to eat healthy foods and take exercise. However, you may also try adding herbs for weight loss in your plan. These are not replacements for healthy foods and regular exercise, but herbs for weight loss will aid you in the process.

Usually herbs are used for losing weight because they:

– make your digestion and metabolism efficient

– help the body in burning more calories

– decrease your appetite

– make the body excrete water

– help in overcoming emotional problems due to eating

Herbs for weight loss may work with someone does not guarantee that they will also work for you. Herbs have different reactions to a human body. If you plan to use herbs to help you lose weight, please consult your doctor to get information about the herb you would like to take. Also, your doctor can suggest appropriate herbs for weight loss that is suitable to your body and condition.

Here are some of the popular herbs for weight loss and information about them.

Bitter Orange

This herb will decrease your appetite, thus your food consumption will be lower causing you to lose weight. However, they can cause heart problems (irregular heart rate, attacks & stroke), high blood pressure, insomnia and may sometime lead to death. Its long term effect is still being studied.


This is commonly known as hot pepper or chili pepper. This herb is mostly used today not only for medicinal purposes but for weight loss as well. Sweating and a rush of adrenalin are some of the effect of this herb. But, always be careful when taking this herb because excessive use can cause intestinal tract irritation.


Quite similar to bitter orange, it also decreases your appetite. It can cause heart problems, high blood pressure, sleeplessness and death. They have been banned in the market but can still be bought on the internet.

Green Tea

Taking green tea will help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism and decreasing your apetite. But green tea has a large percentage of caffeine. They can also cause diarrhea, indigestion and vomiting.

Hypericum (St. Johns Wort)

If you eat a lot when under stress, this herb is recommended because it is considered to be an antidepressant It has been used to treat nerve pain, mental and sleep disorders. Nowadays, it is used to lose weight because of its ability to control your appetite.

Citrus Aurantium

This is a commonly used Chinese herb which can convert stored fat into energy, thus, increasing the chances of a person to loss weight.


Its effect on sugar makes it helpful in losing weight because it lowers the percentage of bad cholesterol leaving the good ones the same.

There are many herbs for weight loss which can be used while having a healthy diet and enough exercise. These herbs can be additives to your food and drinks to make them easier to eat.

But remember that there are some herbs which should not be taken together if you have some health problems because they may have undesirable reactions to some medicines or to your body. So it is still best to consult your doctor or dietician about using herbs for weight loss to properly achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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