Chinese Green Tea for Weight Loss

For most people, the Chinese green tea is a stuff of legends. this tea has been known to be very beneficial to human health. For thousands of years, Chinese tea has been talked about and written about because of its countless positive effects.

According to legend, the first person to ever taste this herbal drink was the Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 B.C. It was said that while boiling some water for drinking, some leaves fell into his pot from a tree nearby. these green leaves when boiled smelled and tasted so wonderful that Shen Nung even urged his people to drink it. The fame of the tea did not stay at one place for long. It is believed that in A.D. 800, Chinese tea was brought to Japan by monks who studied Buddhism in China.

What makes this healty drink different from all other tea’s?

This is Because it is produced from Camellia sinensis, the same plant where the oolong and black tea are derived. Yet, even though they all come from the same herb, the Chinese leaves truly stands out as an exceptional health drink. So what makes this drink different?

The difference lies in the method by which Chinese people produced it. Oolong and black leaves are traditionally oxidized and then dried while it’s steamed and then dried. This method of producing the tea actually preserves most of the beneficial antioxidants present in it.

Chinese Green Tea for Health

While it is already common knowledge that green tea has several health benefits, modern scientists were able to provide several concrete proofs of the positive effects of it. The drink antioxidants are said to be the ones responsible for making the drink very beneficial.

Recent findings show that the antioxidants in Chinese tea can reduce cholesterol levels in a person; can improve how blood vessels function; and can reduce blood lipids. It was also discovered that this drink can have an anti-inflammatory effects and may provide protection against cardiovascular diseases.
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Significant findings were made that pointed to the benefits of green tea in weight loss. According to the researchers of the University of Geneva, it has thermogenic properties which aid much in weight loss. In their study, they investigated the weight loss benefits of the hot drink by observing the interaction between the caffeine in the chinease drink and a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). When these two substances in it react, thermogenesis of the body increases by four percent. The tendency it is to enhance metabolic rates has given people reason to believe that green coffee has weight loss benefits as well.

Another study concerning the weight loss benefits of the drink was also conducted. The results of the research showed that tea drinkers have a better propensity for weight loss. Drinking it allows the body to burn an additional 70 calories a day, a feat that weight loss enthusiasts would relish.

Today, it is widely available as a beverage and as an ingredient for weight loss products.

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