Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss

For centuries, the Chinese have been using various Chinese herbs for weight loss.  It’s nothing new.

There are many fad diets around today that claim to be overnight weight loss systems.  The truth is, you need to combine a variety of healthy weight loss elements into your diet to really lose weight the natural way and keep it off for years.

Chinese herbs for weight loss are a great solution to address all of the elements needed to achieve healthy weight loss.  The Chinese have weight loss herbs that fall into a few different categories based on their function in the weight loss plan.  For example, one group of herbs are known to speed up the metabolism, another group of herbs are used to detoxify your body, and a third group aims to reduce your body’s stored fat.

Chinese Herbs That Speed Up Your Metabolism

This group of Chinese herbs for weight loss work by increasing your qi (translated as your “energy flow”) and yang (energy that drives creativity) energies.  These herbs boost your body’s metabolism and aids in healthy digestion.  Supposedly these are also the specific herbs to take if you want to lose belly fat. Popular Chinese herbs for weight loss that fall into this area are:

  • ginseng
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • astragalus
  • epimedium
  • eucommia bark
  • atractylodes

Chinese Herbs That Reduce Stored Body Fat

According to Chinese medicine, these types of herbs are known to “transform phlegm”, meaning that they help the body flush out excess fat and also prevent excess fat from accumulating in the body.  They also help flush out unhealthy fluid retention.  The most popular types of Chinese herbs for weight loss that do this are:

  • young citrus peel
  • magnolia bark
  • hawthorn berry
  • citrus aurantium
  • glechoma

Chinese Herbs That Detoxify The Body

These particular Chinese herbs for weight loss tend to have a very bitter taste and are meant to curb your appetite. They work by cutting back on your body’s stomach acid, because an acidic environment in your stomach is what brings about most food cravings or the feeling of hunger.  Some popular Chinese herbs that detoxify are:

  • Chinese rhubarb
  • coptis
  • scute

In addition to Chinese herbs for weight loss, the Chinese have also been using different herbs to treat a variety of ailments for centuries and incorporate these herbs into their regular diet for overall health and well being.

Of course it goes without saying that you can’t lose weight and expect to lead a healthy lifestyle if you’re eating junk food all the time and not getting any exercise.  In order to be successful with any weight loss plan, no matter what the advertisement claims, you need to use common sense and realize that overeating and not exercising is not going to lead you to lose weight no matter what diet you’re on.  This could be a topic for a whole different article of course!

If you decide to use Chinese herbs for weight loss, select a few herbs from each of the three categories and combine them into your diet regime for a complete approach to losing weight with Chinese herbs.

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