Chia Seeds & Weight Loss

Chia seed side effects are surprisingly small; unlike many so-called wonder foods which usually have far more side effects than benefits. Chia seeds should not be ingested in large quantities, nor should they be eaten if you are on blood thinners or have to control your blood pressure above a certain point as the seeds may lower your blood pressure to a dangerous point. However, for many diabetics or people who have trouble eating things like lactose, the chia seeds benefits may be a godsend and if you’re trying to lose weight, they are even better.

And the energy drinks that are on the market? Everyone knows that a lot of them on the market had ma huang in them and that was like supercharged caffeine that caused a few deaths until it was made illegal. So now many of them have regular old caffeine in them, which can cause heart palpitations or increased blood pressure. Some of the newer items tell you that you will get five hours of energy or even eight hours of energy from anti-oxidants or whatever.

One of the factors in a healthy diet is the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3. Unfortunately the majority of Americans modern diet has a ratio of 15:2; however research shows that having a ratio of 2:1 to 4:1 has reduced mortality from cardiovascular disease, suppressed inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and decreased the risk of breast cancer. So looking for a food with good Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratios is vitally important to our health. Fact is one ounce of chia seeds has 4929mg of Omega-3 and 1620mg of Omega-6, which is approximately a 3:1 ratio. This makes the tiny seed a powerful source of balanced Omega’s in one small package.

The dosage of salba seeds for a person with low blood pressure would have to be approved by a Doctor and informing them that they wish to try chia seeds. This is because salba seeds and chia seeds can lower blood pressure even further over a period of time if taken regular. You should only take this if you have low blood pressure after you consult your Doctor as blood pressure can drop too low which is a very dangerous condition.

Chia benefits you with the richest source of Omega 3. They are naturally oily, in fact they contain 60% Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These feed the body the essential omega 3 EPA, and this in turn replenishes the vital essential fatty acids your body needs to return to the correct balance and helps your body deal with any imbalances it may have and thus dramatically improving your overall mental and physical health.The essential fatty acids promote efficient nerve transmission and stimulate the brain.

White chia is merely chia that’s had the white seeds filtered out and grown severally from the black. It’s as basic as that. You can see this for yourself by meticulously inspecting a handful of black chia. Are all the seeds black? Quite the opposite, some are black, while others are brown, grayish, beige and white. If you were to choose all the whitish ones and cultivate them, the resultant crop would be white chia.

The worst part is, if you feel bad about how you appear, you generally try and distract yourself by eating something yummy – which then makes you gain even more! This vicious cycle continues. You are in the bad habit of letting your cravings control your eating decisions.Now, rather than fighting these cravings, what if we were to help them cut down naturally? If you didn’t have the urge to eat constantly, you would not even notice that you were eating less and thus losing kilos. Isn’t this true? Well, stay with me, because this is where chia makes its appearance.

However chia have many more benefits up the sleeve; this little seed that’s packed with protein and omega 3s also have the awesome ability to make you feel full faster, alleviating hunger and cutting back on the opportunity to make poor food choices. Chia seeds have the unique ability to soak up a very large amount of water considering its size. They can hold 9 times their size in water, and this expansion makes them feel more filling.


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